India’s action on phasing down the HFC’s

India and US agreed to discuss how Hydroflouorocarbons could be phased down. Carbon Dioxide should be phased down first before HFC, but not yet decided. The phase down agreement draws some of our automobile, refrigerator industries to go in transition projects for their goods.



  • Action on HFC’s offers some commercial opportunities for Indian firms as per official norms.
  • However there are 4 concerns highlighted by Opponents:
    • The action on Carbon Dioxide will be ignored by the developed countries and vice versa.
    • There is funding issues to proceed ahead.
    • India is forced into a corner as US and China have cut a deal on HFC’s.
    • It opens up India’s refrigerants market to foreign companies.
  • What India should do now?
    • No compromise on Carbon dioxide phase down.
    • Identify impact of Carbon dioxide causing more negative impact than HFC’s
    • Support Indian Firms. Engage with Indian automobile, refrigerator industries to gain better understanding of their cost of transition, efficiency gains and losses etc.
    • Engage best global experts on safety issues relating HFC’s
    • Ensure that the replacements of the HFC emitted things are technologically safe

Reference: “More Lethal Greenhouse Gas” – Times of India. 25th OCT 2013

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