News is all about Ads

During the recent festive seasons, newspaperwala left a telephone directory instead of newspaper. It was as thick and fat as a telephone directory. When taken a closer look, it was mistaken. It was newspaper itself!! ‘Times Of India’ mentioned right on the masthead, logo of two elephants leaning their heads against a shield.


But the front page showed a youthful Mummy and Daddy, with their two baba log – headline – “SHOPPING MEIN CHANDI HI CHANDI”. What on earth does it mean?.. some code? An encoded report on the latest coalgate scam?…may be..the full story may come in next page..

But in the next page was completely taken up by a huge picture of a cell phone. What is cell phone doing in the second page of newspaper?.. May be Angela Merkel’s complaint about NSA tapping her phone..? Another encoded message..?

It took time to figure out… it is realized that the front page, next page weren’t full of encoded messages, they are uncoded ads.Unfortunately the actual news is published past the Government Tenders page!!

Marketing people say that newspapers cannot survive without ads. But the point of issue now, seems, can newspapers survive without news?!!

Reference: TOI, 8th Nov 2013

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