Indian B-Schools need “quality” faculty

There is an acute shortage of ‘quality’ faculty in Indian B schools. Elite institutes like IIM’s for some programmes are no exception to this challenge.

The word ‘quality’ means:

  • Industry oriented faculty
  • Exposure to global standards

Though the top B-Schools like IIM’s SP Jain, FMS and XLRI have fairly healthy student ‘quality’ faculty ratio of 9:1, getting quality faculty is difficult to tap from the existing small pool.


Main hindrances:

  • As per AICTE regulations, all permanent members should have mandatory PhD’s making it difficult to attract any high quality industry-oriented members from Industries. There are many capable executives who can provide a good education to the B-Schools
  • Not learning from Global top business schools. Many global business schools like University of Chicago’s Booth school of Business allow two types of professors, one having PhD’s and others clinical professors (without PhD’s) with outstanding corporate exposure
  • The environment is not encouraging for the graduates to pursue doctoral programs. The stipend is relatively less compared to a fresh MBA graduate entering into industry
  • Even the doctoral programmes offered in India from top institutes are struggling to attract good students, causing a decline in global rankings of these institutes. These campuses are marketing Infrastructure. No, these have to concentrate on research in the institutes to provide high quality doctoral programmes


  • Research in doctoral programmes and they should be strong enough to attract good students
  • Start hiring outstanding corporate executives
  • Get faculty from global schools

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