Aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya will join Indian Navy today. This aircraft carrier is described as a game changer in Naval circles.  Reason?..

A country’s geostrategic influence occurs primarily by its Navy. Say, for example, US, for the matter, plays a dominant role in Middle East, South East Asia and elsewhere because of its high capabilities in its Navy force – with 11 carrier battle groups. China in South China Sea, is dominant because of it strong Chinese Navy presence.


India is geographically centered in Indian Ocean Region (IOR).  40% of Indian offshore oil production comes from Indian Ocean. 2/3 rd  world’s oil traffic goes through Indian Ocean making India’s geographic position prominent. Strong presence of Navy in these areas of IOR gives New Delhi with one of the powerful tool – “Foreign policy”.

  • India can’t leave China to increase its footprint in Indian Ocean Region (IOR)
  • South East Asian countries look for help for the Indian Naval presence that will counter Chinese Influence.
  • 77% of China’s oil imports too pass through IOR
  • If India has to have a heavyweight in IOR, it should have intent and ability to provide humanitarian assistance in case of natural disasters and protect the shipping lines like how US Navy generally does.

Some facts on INS Vikramaditya

  • To start with Indian Amy, as always has the lion share in defence budget, this time of 49%. Air force, 28%.  Though Navy is allocated 18% of the defence budget it is already an increased one.
  • Unfortunately this carrier does not have protection against air attacks(neither air missiles nor close in weapons), however it has ability to become invisible on radar through its electronic warfare systems.
  • The Military build-up at Andaman and Nicobar gives India a key geostrategic edge.

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