Marketing with Green and Social responsibility

These days most of the company’s advertising campaigns have one “strategy” in common – ‘go green’. Definitely going green is one of the key differentiating factor for any company, but a company should understand what actually “green” is about.

Think Green

  • The grand ideas such as saving the rainforest, or slowing down the melting of polar ice caps can be tagged as green, but it is more important that how a company will connect it to customers, mainly with respect to connecting sustainability with brand equity.
  • When a company communicates it sustainability as green it should focus on sustainability, it should focus on it core principle rather than its other issues. Gillette, Pampers and Duracell are changing the way they advertise ‘green’. For example Pampers marketing its dippers saying that absorbency is better, it was chlorine free and perfume free etc.
  • Another initiative is by Unilever’s ‘Project Sunlight’. 70% of Unilever’s carbon footprint is related to consumer use. Through films (mainly 4 minute videos) it hopes to spark and motivate consumers to change the way they consume. Though there has been a tough debate on whether this would really work to change the insights of people, the answer is ‘yes’ by many marketing gurus
  • In this line, the FMCG giant P&G are putting sustainability at the center of marketing efforts in line with environment, waste and social responsibility.

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