So what is about Micromax..?

Beating Samsung is not easy. The Koreans have good designs and innovations and solid market knowledge.  But by capturing the opportunities ignored by Samsung, Micromax has emerged as a serious challenger in mobile phone market.


Since the first launch in 2008, it has come quite a long way in a successful way. As per records from research companies IDC and CyberMedia, Micromax is the third largest seller in India after Samsung and Nokia.

Initial challenges posed and questions asked – it has no R&D. they eold merely like China phones with cheaper prices, so how can it be a quality product like that of Samsung?

So what made Micromax a success? 

  • Strategy in Software:

The rise of Google’s free Andriod OS was easily the biggest factor in MM success. Though hardware and software are the basic things based on which phone are compared, Android OS Software took the priority for differentiation. Both a 45K and 10K phone has same apps that are running on very similar OS. Nokia and Blackberry greatly lacked in this stream.

  • Strategy in Hardware:

Samsung invests billion dollars in R&D and it has to recover the money. It goes for custom processors like Exynos, while MM simply buys Meditek or Snapdragon processors which is evidently the cheaper way. Though one cannot say the MM processors are better than Samsungs but it is never less in performance.

  • In Simple terms:

MM buys technology (which is cheaper than creating like Samsung does) which is one generation older. In Mobile phones older means few months old. Hence MM simply provides a phone with few months older hardware and latest software. The price is half that of Samsung’s. So why does people prefer MM?

Great Challenge with Micromax:

  • Service is delayed. Its not that Samsungs and Nokias don’t have issues, but they are resolved soom.


Facts about Micromax Numbers:

  • Micromax targets one billion dollars in revenue by end of 2013
  • 2.5 million handsets is been sold each month
  • Australian actor Hugh Jackman’s campaign costs 30 crore rupees.

Facts of Smartphone Industry:

  • 18% of Indian mobile phone users are Smartphone users
  • India stands 3rd after China and US in Smartphone usage and by next year likely to be the second in the world after China.
  • Average smartphone user exchanges his phone every 9 months. He can bear 1.5 times than the previous ones.


Reference – Forbes india

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