Advertising is definitely an art!!

The following review is posted after analyzing Harvard Business Review article “Advertising’s New Medium: Human Experience” from.

Today all the customers are drowning in many messages delivered across media from web, TV, radio, print, and outdoor displays to an increasing number of mobile devices. In the media saturated world, advertising strategies built on persuading through interruption, repetitions are ineffective.


To win customers attention and trust, marketers should think less about what advertising says to its customers, and more about what it does for them.

Author suggests a framework of four spheres – Public, Social, Tribal and Psychological.

All the marketers have placed their ads in one or more of these four spheres but not strategically.

  1. Public Sphere – Where we move from one place or activity to another – either in physical or in virtual (internet). It is relevant in a context.
    • Using Ideal time of customers: Placing ads in baskets to move the laptop bags etc. in airport security check.
    • Providing social service less cost (not as CSR)– proving online recharge points with brand endorsed on the trucks
  2. Social sphere – Where we interact with and relate to one another.
    • It should be relevant with the social context
    • Ex: Addressing a social need of finding the right present for a friend in Facebook. Walmarts Shopycat does this which was great success in terms of advertising
  3. Tribal Sphere – Where we connect with groups in order to express our identity.
    • This is generally done by Luxury brands
    • Ex: Enabling the customers of Manchester to provide stickers for their cars. This also signals that the customer is dedicated to the sports.
  4. Physiological Sphere: Where we connect the language with specific thoughts and feelings.
    • Apple with “Think Different”, Nike with “Just do it”, Staples with “That’s easy”
    • Facebook with “Friend”, Twitter with “Follow”


Placing the ads –

  • Define the strategy: Is it about awareness or purchasing
  • Creating value to customer – Each sphere has its strengths, and emphasis on the advertising.
  • Evaluate an expansion strategy –
  • Refresh the message

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