The Raise of ‘Tablets’

Though PCs and laptops rule the world of ‘personal’ computing – now Tablets are the future.

While the laptop clearly made the personal computing more portable, the design is still delicate in many ways as compared to Tablet. This means that while Laptop is portable, it is not a great design for while sitting on a couch or in bed. Laptops are optimized for productivity mainly for work and these days in colleges. In the home, they were mostly used for things like paying bills, IRCTC ticket booking!!, shopping, e-mail and for watching movies.



Stats say that this year we will be selling around 300 million PCs and laptops while we will also sell just over 300 million tablets globally. By the end of 2015, we will be selling less than 300 million PCs and laptops and will be selling nearly, over 350 million tablets. Some market researchers think that by 2017 we could be selling 500 million tablets a year around the world. This shows that the growth has accelerated in the tablets share.

One interesting point to note is most of our homes has either a PC or a Laptop. But by 2016, we may posses about three tablets per home globally, making them in many ways the most important computing tools in the family. With tablets pricing from Rs. 3800/- and with the revolution of internet and online services everywhere it’s not too exaggerated to suggest that every middle class person in the home can own a tablet of their own by 2016. In emerging markets, we could have at least one tablet per home as well.

Although the smartphone is one which can compete with the tablet, its small screen makes it difficult to serve as a fully-functioning personal computer. Yes, it has the same features and options like that of a tablet, but it fails to be very optimized for movies and videos and surfing the web. On the other hand, tablets with 7- and 8-inch screens make great media devices for the customers who want both communication and computing power of tablets.

PCs and laptops will never go away, since they still has a good role to play in our current digital world, coming to the fact that portability with good personal computing is required – tablets are preferred.

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