WhatsApp saving lives!!

Couple of articles these days have caught my attention – felt good about the use of WhatsApp in hospitals.

Doctors started using the personal technology – the smartphone to speed up diagnosis patients with suspected problems.

They started using WhatsApp to send pictures of patient’s electrocardiograms to each other to cut time spent on reaching the emergency. Lack of proper diagnosis and treating the patient within the first hour – the crucial golden hour results in major cardiac arrests. Some patients come from suburbs. In most cases this golden hour is lost as the patient walks into the hospital. By this system, it can be ensured that there is no further time loss once the patient is inside the hospital.

WhatsApp and Doctors

In Mumbai, nearly 250 patients are benefited through this technology. The moment a patient comes with a chest pain or related problem, a specialist takes the ECG and sends the image to the group of doctors. This process helps the patient to reach out for immediate response.

Also Orthopaedic surgeons both from the government and private hospitals have formed a group, Orthopods, on WhatsApp for sharing live images of surgery, X-rays and scanning results, so that members could exchange their views, help in diagnosis, and suggest the best treatment options.

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