Retail: Packaging is important!!

Packaging plays an important role in marketing mix, in promotion campaigns, as a pricing criteria and finally in defining the character of new products. All good things come in small packages, but at the same time this art is not simple. In fact in many cases, package is the product itself.


Walter Landor of Landor Associates was one of the first to study and incorporate consumer response into packaging in a scientific way. Walter’s philosophy of ‘the package itself must do the talking’ is a basic idea behind even the modern day brand and packaging design practice. How a soap dispenser or a ketch-up bottle cap works without soiling the nozzle after repeated use, how an egg tray hold eggs without breakage are the kind of things that new technologies and materials have been trying to address.


And these days what happens to the package once the product is taken out of it, is increasingly becoming an important issue for a packaging designer. It also calls for innovation – In some of the laboratories, researchers have created examples like filling an orange membrane with orange juice, a tomato-flavored skin with soup and mini-membranes the size of grapes that are full of wine.


A package tells a story – a story of where the product has come from, who manufactured it, what it is meant to do and by consuming the product what kind of experience a user is going to fell himself/herself and finally what lifestyle statement is the consumer going make.ywater

There are no more good old ideas of putting happy faces on potato chips packs. It is all about triggering emotional connect with the consumer

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