8 things the next government should do

These are few thoughts of our business heads on what next government should do:

Articulate the Promise 2019: Any government should measure their performance with respect to the promise they made. Ex: MW of generation capacity added. KM of national highways constructed. Mainly publish regular and transparent annual updates.

Measure social sector “outcome”: out policies are input focused, emphasising how much is spent in healthcare, education etc. Instead, measure outcome – how much is the outcome.

–       Anand Mahindra, CMD – Mahindra Group

Indian Government

Reimagine healthcare delivery: India’s healthcare systems is in major crisis. India has 63 million diabetics and 2.5 million cancer sufferers, the majority does not get quality treatment. Urgent need to scale up the practices of those Indian hospitals

– Vijay Govindarajan, Professor Dartmouth College.

Boost tech Infra: New government should focus on the rural broadband strategy, enhancing our mobile internet infrastructure, increasing the reliability, security and sped of web

– Sachin Bansal, CEO – Flipkart

Control fiscal deficit, Introduce GST, improve relations with other SAARC countries.

–       ADI Godrej, Chairman Godrej Group

Create jobs: Only way India can reduce poverty is by creation of jobs with decent disposable incomes.

                                 –       N R Narayana Murthy, Chairman Infosys.

Minimise Energy security: Two thirds of India’s power is generated from coal. India holds fourth position in coal reserves, yet faces shortages. Long term, government should focus is to minimise energy imports.

Target  FDI

–     Deepak Parekh, Chairman HDFC

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