How MBA is valuable..!!


Jump on the corporate ladder
: If one is working in a industry for few years and have CEO dreams or he / she is not happy with the salary he/she is getting, an MBA may just boost the need. MBA can help move from junior to middle and from middle to senior management. With a good MBA degree your senior manager designation can be turned into a GM profile in less than two years which otherwise may take five to eight years. 

An MBA also helps in commanding a higher starting salary as compared to a non-MBA with same experience. 

Not having an MBA can prove to be an obstacle in some organizations.


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Change in career path: 
Marketing, finance, HR give a perspective to understand the business in various directions. 
If one has a year’s experience in sales and do not like it much, he/she can do an MBA, specialise in HR and get a job in that field. During MBA, one can also intelligently plan their internships to show focus on a new industry that they want to switch to.

Opportunities and increased earning: 
Most of the good jobs advertised want MBA listed as an essential qualification to apply. People who hold an MBA degree find different types of employment opportunities, both domestically and internationally. 

It is estimated that 70 per cent of the senior managers or board directors worldwide are MBAs. So one gets higher salaries as MBA. It is relevant to know that this growth mostly comes with longer work hours.

To start on your own: 
At the core, MBA teaches skills to manage different parts of a business and exposes a person to real world business situations using case studies and industry visits. So it is a good training ground for up coming managers and entrepreneurs. If one want to become an entrepreneur, he/she can get into an MBA programme and learn the basics of sales, marketing, business planning, finance and get started as an entrepreneur. An MBA is not essential to become an entrepreneur but it surely helps. 
May be college dropouts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are famous, but there are  quite a large number of entrepreneurs, who get on that path after finishing their degree.

Knowledge: Finally MBA is about acquiring knowledge. 
Ite is a great way to acquire diversified knowledge. When one puts the knowledge to work and share with others, their growth becomes faster. If one goes into an MBA with an open mind, he/she will come out a better person.

To top it all, an MBA is ticket to a fast growth career and success if you are willing to work for it.

For more info, pls check the Times of India 21st Jan 2014

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