IT industry requirement ‘for’ India

When one thinks of IT, they can get only the picture of IT industries, serving US, UK, Australia, Singapore etc. But ironically, there is a lot that has to be done in our country with respect to Information Technology. As per the NASSCOM president, R Chandrashekar, The IT industry needs to reach out to the domestic market and there is a great requirement in these pockets of our nation.


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“We need to reach out to the people in domestic market and achieve the transformation which the nation requires. Only through technologies will we get services which are accessible, convenient and affordable,” the NASSCOM chief said here today in his address at the National e-Governance conference.

Chandrashekar said there are good amount of opportunities that can be employed with new technologies like social media and cloud computing.

“We have to admit that the industry has also not looked at the domestic market as intensely and seriously as it should have,” he said.

Government can do lot better in these markets that are a good chance for infrastructure improvement as well as for job creation.  Govt. can also create an integrated platform to engage social issues like women’s safety, construction of roads and social audit.

It could be done with minimum expense and will have a big impact on the e-governance programme, and also it would be the first of its kind in the world.

There is a need to promote partnerships with industry and the government to reform the administrative processes in each of the ministries and states.

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