What’s the problem going in Ukraine?..

After going through the news today, I could not resist to write this blog on Ukraine that is going through rough situation.

Ukraine is one of the countries that has very old heritage and culture flourished in 4500 BC like that of our old Indus civilization. It is in Eastern Europe, which also shares the border of 2300 KM with Russia along with European countries Poland, Hungary, Romania and two more.

What is the Problem:

Ukraine is in deep economic crisis. Ukraine was supposed to sign an years long pending ‘trade’ deal in November 2013 with European Union that have lot of benefits – once signed can get it out from the current economic crisis. But the president Yanukovych did not sign it under the pressure of Russia negating the deal.

Many people who are eagerly waiting for their promising future from European deal – started the protests in Kiev, the capital city after it failed.


A brief History:

In 1932 Stalin from Russia killed up to 10 million people, mostly in East Ukraine and started occupying. Ukraine that was the “bread basket of Europe” had a rich and ancient culture of farmers,  wanted to hold on to their language and their land. As a civilization, Ukraine is a thousand years older than Moscow. Ukrainians had fought for their independence.

Finally Ukraine had got its independence in 1992 when USSR was fallen apart into Russia. But the Russian dominance continues and has grip in east Ukraine.

West Ukraine supports Europe and East Ukraine is still been dominating by Russia.

So what’s happening:

Russia is claiming that it is helping the people of Ukraine by buying €11 billion worth of Ukrainian government bonds and will cut the price of natural gas.  But European Union is claiming that it is a sign of corruption and strategy by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s to have Russian’s grip on Ukraine’s resources.

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