Technology for future!!

The innovations in emerging technologies help us to solve many challenges. They show a ray of hope for us in the coming years.

Health care sector: 


  • Diabetic patients who are 5 crs. in 2010 to be doubled to 10 crs. by 2013
  • Caner occurrences can be very high
  • By 2030 25% of deaths will be because of heart disease

How technology helps: Many companies around the world are developing networked devices for continuous monitoring of health. These new networked devices are very vital in the treatment of chronic diseases by identifying in early stages. Networked devices will let hospitals monitor patients when they are away, and help provide recommendation if needed.



image courtesy: laimoon

Food sector:


  • Population in India to be 1.5 billion by 2030 against 1.2 now
  • Production is 500 million tonnes in 2030 against 260 million tonnes now

How technology helps: Crop yields decrease because of extreme weather, genetic engineering can produce crops that can tolerate extreme temperatures. IT help in controlling the water and fertilizer use in farms. Also smart technologies based on sensors can cut down waste significantly.

 Energy sector

Though it is possible to produce all our energy from renewable sources, the costs are high. Solar energy will be of great advantage with new technology innovations.  Third and fourth generation nuclear energy technologies are safer and far more environment friendly than the current. Fusion power which is also from atomic reactions, also is great innovation in energy production

Quality of life

Smart technologies will add an edge to managing cities. Sensor networks and analytics will help to provide information about water usage, traffic patterns, accidents, fires and so on.

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