Trends India can focus in Business today

Sharing as services

Websites like RelayRides and GetAround, which are peer to peer car rental sites, allow people to hire their neighbours cars for a duration. Unused cars can then be a service that owners get paid for. Here is there is no inventory the website holds or there is no supply chain. It just found the need of the customer and turned into a service. Though the same concept may not apply for our country, but there is a great scope of services one can think on. One of the older services in similar line is Sulekha that provides the details of accommodation.


Mobile services

It is quite evident that people started using Internet for personal use more on smart phones then the PC’s or laptops. All the major companies these days started building customized apps for the users. For example company Uber has a list of chuffer driven cars, the prices are fluctuated based on their availability  as demand raises.

Secret behind retailing

In the era of Myntra,Flipkart, and snapdeal, the pressure on retail stores is more. One should create a great experience to the customer when he enters the store. Create embedded screens showing how to wear the trendy clothes, with trendy cominations, instructing videos, how to roll a heavy jacket into a small bag etc..t though the attendant would always be there to assist, this visual experience will make a difference.


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