Tablets and Phablets

It seems the global market for tablets are slowing down because of the large screened smartphone also called as “Phablets”.

While tablets are great for watching films and browsing the internet, large-screened phones are capable of doing pretty much the same, with perhaps more features packed into their smaller shells. For instance, you might be able to Facetime or iMessage your mates with an iPad, for example, but can you send a good old fashioned text message. Or make a call?.

But again when it comes to price, the tablets are cheaper as compared to the similar featured same company phablet…


When it comes to sales, Tablets sales was growing at a rate of 50% last year, but it is slowly going down. Resources says that Apple’s ipad is the largest tablet vendor in the first quarter of 2014, but its market share too is slowly fading away. Samsungs and Amazons kindle’s tablet sales are also seeing a noticeable decline. At the same time, Apple and Samsung are capturing the market with their phablets. Apple planning to launch iPhone Air/6 and Samsung already in the game with Galaxy note. Though it’s hard the cannibalization of these products are going good.

Another reason of slow sales is the replacement cycles. For example the Apple’s iPad: Apple hasn’t really come with a significant value for the new iPads every year, – this makes harder to convince consumers  shown a penchant for offering only modest upgrades to its slates to buy the latest model. There’s no need to buy a new tablet every year, as these devices offer a good experience for 18 to 24 months

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