Jobs are growing, but not in all sectors

Few days back it was reported that a sample of elite manufacturing companies has seen a growth in workforce of 3% every year over the past decade. Not going into the details of what companies were considered, how many were considered in the sample, the 3 % growth is a significant one, experts say.



image taken from: quickbase

But there is fundamental question – what type of jobs were created that saw an increase in % in workforce? Evidence shows that most of these jobs are white-collar’ed jobs.  Information technology techies, CA’s and MBA’s are contributing to the increase in this workforce %. While this is a very good sign, majority of people out in the nation, seeking for jobs does not have these qualifications. They are more likely to fit in the blue-collar, shop-floor jobs. With the automations and re-engineering emerging, the blue collar jobs are shrinking. – The question resurfaces. Is the employment situation in nation is improving?

Manufacturing, textile, construction, tourism are some industries that require more blue collars jobs. It is time to have polices, that boost more growth in these sectors. Also with reference to my previous blog it is vital that we export more that have more scope in manufacturing, textile industries.

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