Boosting solar usage in India

Today one of the TV programs was highlighting the importance of Solar Power in India. Meerwada, a small village in Madhya Pradesh is one of first villages to completely operate with Solar Power for their household activities. The power is round the clock. This is a motivating factor to rest of India to use solar power. What made it more inspiring is that the monthly electricity bill for each household is Rs. 75/- that was equal to the Kerosene consumption for the lighting lamps before. A point to note is that the electricity bill is also not subsidized.  A California-based solar power service company has chosen 150 villages to light them up with Solar power.

Solar plant


(image copied from treehugger)

At the same time, many places in Gujarat and Rajasthan are also successful in implementing these solar powered models. A small solar plant and the own people of Village manage it.

PM’s decision of spending 1500 crores two days back is quite a good one to cherish. 40% of India’s population has no access to reliable electricity. This should be of great good for those people. The amount will boost the use of solar power, building ultra-modern solar power plants. Also this helps in powering farm irrigation pumps, and to lay solar panels across the banks of canals. Based on the technology used, a typical 1MW power plant that can cater the needs of nearly 1000 homes, needs 5-6 Acers of land and the plant has life time is 25 years.

Also the decision to double the tax on Coal producers is an indication to incline the investments towards renewable energies.

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