Google Glasses and Education ?!!

Most of us might have heard of Google Glasses. Augmented Reality (AR) is finally been in live. AR merges the physical and digital worlds in making the real world more interactive to the user.

Mobile AR

Mobile continues to be the preferred device for AR application and is expected that, by 2017 2.5 billion mobile AR applications will be installed.

AR offers an innovative learning experience by merging digital learning material over the physical space. Each learner can control his/ her own learning, manipulating digital information and objects for better understanding.

For example when you and your niece are walking across a park, your niece can point the AR browser in the smartphone to a seasaw in the park and understand the physics behind how it works.

In subjects like physics, chemistry or biology, where it is difficult and time taking to understand the concepts in class, AR will be of great aid in Education. Even in complex tasks like firefighting, let it be surgeries, AR can be used for training easily.

Risks of failure in AR is minimal as compared to practical real object based training i.e. a heavy fall while demonstrating firefighting (happened in some cases in India), can be avoided using AR based training programs. Researchers have found that with AR based training its takes shorter time to understand and the performance of the trainees are good compared to conventional training.

AR in Indian Education:

Though there is still a challenge of reaching the digital resources to majority of school going kids in India due to financial challenges of their parents, most of them posses mobile (low end smart phone that starts from Rs. 3999) – thanks to domestic manufacturing, high competition that lower prices.

Mobile AR provides students access to key digital information right from their homes without the need for any other device to supplement their textbooks. Parents can use mobile phones to help their kid’s educational needs!!

However, quality of broadband connectivity is still a challenge in India, for Mobile AR to reach common man. Hope the spectrum issues are solved soon for grea

Roti Kapda Makaan aur Education!!


No wonder education should be a basic need after ‘roti kapda aur makaan’. It is a simple logic that ones investment in Education is his/hers beautiful future, the countries future.

More than fifty percent of our countries population is below the age of 25 and soon one fifth of the worlds working age population will be in our country.  As per Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in New Delhi, in few years, one in four graduates in the world might come out of Indian colleges, with 20 Indian universities already among the global top 200.


The Industry and services sectors in India would require a gross incremental workforce of 250 million by 2030, which means the Indian education sector needs to gear up.

With these stats, it is evident that India has a huge potential to overcome many of the economic problems, grow into a developed country soon with youth performing well. Education is the foundation for this.

However we have to overcome few challenges

  • Research and innovation in technology is one of the outputs from a good education. Why? – Apple products are manufactured in China, but US gets the benefits, Reason – Technology is owned by US.
  • Not to compare our competencies with other countries, but the India’s research output as global share of scientific publications was a nearly 3.7 percent in 2012 whereas China’s share was 21 percent in 2007. The patents contributed by India are also less than 0.5%.
  • Unawareness of importance of education, the static old fashioned education systems are some of the major challenges, major chunk of children as child labour


  • Foreign Participation: Exchange of students and faculty in higher education. Collaborations between foreign and Indian educational institutions
  • Creating centers of excellence in various institutes and governed properly.
  • Improving the sector of  Faculty members -Teachers, Professors. The education should be “Value Oriented”. That comes only from a ‘valued’ teaches

Well most of the above three resolutions are already started implanted by our government; the focus should not be diverted.